Thursday, January 11, 2007

African American Fashions.


African American Fashions starts when you take in the influences of designers of Africa. Especially those of Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. Also as Eygpt is part of Africa, we can not rule out their influences either - especially when you must consider the growing influence of Islam among African Americans.

Thus we have a highly mixed and extremely diverse subject to approach. Most of which has wide the area of styles in which to choose. This is of extreme importance tot areas like Atlanta, Georgia and other developing ecomonic centers where African Americans are becoming more and more affluent-something which in another section will be touched upon.

None the less, and with this introduction we will unvail the very aspect of these trends and how they impact the overall image of not only African Americans in general, but its further influences in maintream fashions design - an area in which many African American designers want to join and lead.

Mr. Roger M. Christian